Learning on the job.

I find it interesting to start anew in a forum such as this, and attempting to write something, even if it turns out being uninteresting. What I’m hoping for is that I’ll get some kind of inspiration and perhaps use that as a point of focus to write about.

My thoughts for today are centred on looking forward to the Christmas break, away from the melodramatic sense of what I am currently experiencing at work.  It isn’t so much the work itself, because if I’m assigned to work on a task or a project, I’ll do it, no questions asked.  What I find difficult is to deal with control freaks.  Yes, you know the kind.  The supervisor that is accountable for everything that you do and everything that the team does, that they are responsible for and need to give answer to.  Often times, as subordinates we tend to forget that their pressures are a result being assigned by ‘their’ supervisor/s.  Regardless though, I for one, don’t like being told what to do, when to do it, and how to do it, especially when I already have the skills and the knowledge to do the work.

Not at the moment though.  In my current job, I’m learning as I go, and not given the sufficient training to understand why it is that I have to set a particular tone on a piece of work that I am currently working on.  Instead, so far, I’ve been given a few minutes of insight into the mechanics of what it is that I am meant to do and then left to my own devices.  My supervisor, who is very busy, often times returns to me my work, with errors, of course, and then tells me that I can’t write this or I can’t say this and that because.  And as far as she is concerned, that is my training ground.  Maybe it is?  Not for long.  I’m moving on.

What I have gathered thus far is that no matter where I work, or for whom I work for, I tend to have enough aptitude to learn the task at hand on my own, through trial and error.  It seems it is the way of the world at the moment, where there is “no” time to give me the necessary training required to do the job well, because there are no resources available that have time.



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