Inspiration. From where does it come, and how do we showcase it?

It’s weird but I tend to get here when it’s already late and I’m half asleep and it is at this point that I’ve just about exhausted any possibility of creative writing.  I am starting to think that perhaps creative writing is something that others are good at and I admire from a distance.  Seriously, who am I kidding?

I guess I’m not overly inspired for now.

I browse the posts here and think, wow…people are so good at expressing their ideas, show casing their personalities, sharing their thoughts and above all, sharing their life experiences.  I’m impressed at the quality of the layouts on here, the skill at delivering their ideas, the artistic merit with the use of color and media, and the simplicity of  the story telling.  The list goes on.  It should all inspire me, instead I find that it is placing me in a state of a stale mate.

When one is unsure of what to contribute to an already filled talent base, what inspiration could possible come of it?

Inspiration, it can come from anywhere

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