The realms in which we live

It is so easy to get caught up in the realms and ideas of others.

Our perception of truth is clouded by our emotional state.  We tend to only believe or see what we want to see, without recourse to facts and figures.  What is it that makes people believe that they are  by far an authority over things they know very little about?  It is mind boggling when someone states a case, with very little evidence to support it, and are then adamant that they know the subject better than anyone else.

The net is filled with angry posts about the recent massacre in the US.  All those beautiful innocent children.  Gone.  Forever.  I have no words that can express the sadness that is within me and in society.  As I turn the pages I discover, there is madness all around.

I cannot even begin to  justify why the need to own guns is so strong in many people.  I cannot even accept the adage that “it’s not the gun that kills people, it’s the user…” What a lame and petty excuse to voice a believed entitlement people have about gun ownership.

How many more innocent children, and people all around need to die before an enforcement is actioned to stop the killing made by the  insane?  This is the only word I can use when someone uses a gun.  Insane.  Nothing more.  Nothing less.  How do parents explain ‘death’ of innocent lives that have been lost by a gun user? Something has to give.  A strong stance, stringent laws enforcement around gun ownership, has to happen.  When you have a large number of gun supporters who are adamant that their right to own guns is an imperative, then we need to take stock and change how we perceive our world and what we believe we want to do in it.   However, if a law is created, then it is law, and everyone is bound by that law.

Say “NO” to guns, because people with guns can kill.  People with guns have a false sense of security.  People with guns are living an illusion of power and strength that is misguided.  People with mental illness that own guns, are not only a danger to themselves but are a BIG risk to the society and the community in which they live in.  People that are sane and do the right thing by locking their guns in a secure place, are also at risk of accidentally hurting themselves or others.

Something has to give.  Something has to be done.  Families all need to know that when they send their children to school on any school day, that their children are safe and will return home – alive.

It’s not much to ask for.  Is it?



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