2013 – A new beginning.

A new year begins and it’s simply splendid outside right now.  I love the blue, summer sky and how the light shines upon things all around.  Simply beautiful.

It is hard to anticipate what 2013 may showcase for me and the rest of us.  I certainly hope that it will be a year in which people become more aligned with their true selves, creating a space in which we can all live in harmony.  Last year certainly had its share of world news and events, and I hope that with all that we can muster, 2013 will be a year in which all things good and positive will thrive for all.

I am aware how quickly things can change for any of us at any given time.  We are rich one minute and poor the next.  With this in mind (and without getting to soppy about it) I am forever grateful for all that I have and all that I will ever be.  There is nothing more pleasurable for me than to live a life filled with good health, and all things simple.  By the word “simple” I mean to live an uncomplicated life.  I am truly blessed this way.

New work opportunities will be a focus for 2013.  I hope to find myself in a better place, one that I am a lot happier in.  I already am shortlisted for an interview for this mid January, and it may be a start of what could prove to be a new chapter in my career.  Even if it doesn’t pan out, there are always going to be other opportunities that I may be in the running for.  I’m optimistic and I am keeping an open mind about it.  Going with the flow works beautifully, but giving the “flow” a helping hand, makes for an interesting outcome.

Here is me hoping that 2013 will give you all that you hope for and more.  May it be filled with good health, financial security and love.



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