On any good day…

Isn’t it wonderful to feel that on any particular day, the day felt just right?  Today, I felt this way. There is no reason or rhyme why this was so.  It simply was.  Or maybe there was reason to it?

Noted.  When people are giving the best of themselves to others, an entire day is filled with a positive feeling.  This day is a good day, indeed.

When in every instance, we are synchronized to the highest cause, then this day becomes a good day, indeed.

At each meeting, verbal engagements abound, and thoughts are exchanged.  Given that each thought is a reflection of the inner landscape that is as personal as the person that is standing before you, then this day is a good day, indeed.

Moments of silence harmonizing with the moment, giving clarity of thought and meaning to activities at hand.  This becomes One and its echoes linger and belong in a good day.

Everyone wants to be heard.  Everyone requires someone who will listen.  When the speaker and the listener compliment each other, then this too is part of a very good day.  Indeed!

On any good day, we always must consider treating ourselves with a Gelato.







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