Some people are stupid! That’s all there is to it.

I get very angry when I see people on the news going for a swim in dangerous/treacherous conditions, standing in front of on coming waves that could potentially drag them out to sea, not #evacuating their homes when they’re asked to (because they want to save their house and not themselves – morons! Your #house can look after itself, if you lose your life, your dead forever!). Above all, some people want to believe – under an umbrella of #illusion,  that “they are stronger than nature and can fight back and show it.” NO YOU CAN’T! Get a grip!

In the meantime, #SES are being worked overtime and to the max because some people don’t want to take #responsibility for themselves (because they don’t listen and because they don’t have ‘any’ common sense) and then expect to get rescued by putting in danger another human being. How fkn selfish are these people???

What ever happened to “#commonsense?” “Huh? What’s that? you ask.” Exactly. I rest my case.

Checking it out … Shorncliffe, a Brisbane suburb. Photo: Michelle Smith

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