Gift tokens

At every turn and at every incremental moment, I am immersed in wonder. 

The wonder of people. 

Illuminating intention, and a foot forward.  

A bouquet of flowers.  Placed on a desk.

A thank you note.  A few comments.  And then

A verbal thank you.

It ends there.

How often are these gestures extended?

Who are these recipients?

At every turn, they come, and they go.

Showered with platitudes, gift tokens, lunches. 

For some, the gestures received are great. 

For others, a hint of thanks.

Why is there such a divide?  

A universal, silent preference?  Perhaps, a popular validation?

What compels people to behave like this? 

A feeling of guilt?  A transparent lie?

Apathy for some.  And for others. False reverence.

It’s as simple as this.

Human nature has a lot to answer for. 


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