I just love the natural world more, than being in an office.

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It’s not too hard to want to spend more time at leisure than one can afford.  I often think about enjoying more of nature than sitting at my desk, in an office, all day long, more often than not, hating my job and wishing I had an answer about doing something else instead.  The question is; what is it that I love and want to do?  The answer is; I don’t know!  I fear that if at this time of my life, I’ve still not worked it out, then I’m doomed to never know.  My 8 hr days (it is without a doubt that some of you work longer hours than this) spent indoors, pressing the keyboard, putting together various bits and pieces of work which the boss wants now, and which in turn will mean nothing to anyone tomorrow.  What a waste of time and effort! There must be a better way to earn an income.  Surely?  I’m sure.  I’ve just not discovered it, or thought of it right now.

Which leads me to think about how our world is now structured versus how things were over a century ago.  The way in which we govern  today,  make me cringe. For example, the way that some government employees  manage and run their scope of works with their colleagues, imposing their own rulings on how things should or should not be done and above all, micromanaging staff at the most minute levels, because of their own insecurities, does my head in.  Everything in it, seems very complex, and a lot of the time we spend doing these things to feed the insecure, is for naught.

Still, in all of this madness, there are elements of society that work and serve its community well.  There are a multitude of organisations that work toward the common good of all such as charity organisations, non-government organisations, support services, churches, community co-ops, etc., and with these things and more there are 8 major elements and characteristics that showcase good governance that is happening now.  They are; participation, consensus, accountability, transparency,  responsiveness, effectiveness and efficiency, equity and inclusion, and the rule of law.

I guess it’s not so bad after all.  I just wish I had less time in an office,  and more time to enjoy the sun and nature all around.  Yes, I know.  Be careful for what I wish for.


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