Oh Sitting Duck

 photo 51105b63-cb61-4208-b64f-c6b63b79aa03_zpsb15d9590.jpg photo 2972de1e-0099-4528-9606-a78ee5250b1e_zps2d9ded1e.jpg

I can’t express enough how often I have felt like a sitting duck, and when I have felt this way I’ve had to regroup my thoughts and emotions and empower myself once again.

Oh sitting duck

Forever vigilant, forever guarded

Basking in the sun, drying up your feathers

Attentively listening, sensing, looking

Feeling confounded, feeling scared

Diving into the water, wading, away from the lakes edge

Free to fly from harms way

An island paradise, a shelter

A safe place to just be.




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