A ghost?

 photo 679d0291-ffe0-47b7-93ad-785152146293_zpsfddf3db6.jpg

I was busy snapping away photo shoots of the river and surrounds with my iPhone, and it wasn’t until I got home that I noticed something strange in my pictures, standing by the retaining wall.

I am not too sure what to make of it, the white silhouette that is standing by the wall, under the tree, in the shade.  I hate to ask.

What is it?  Is it a ghost?

I’m curiously curious.  I will revisit the river once again, this weekend, weather permitting, and aim my camera in that same direction. Will I get the same result?

I wonder what story it will tell.


I went back to that location by the river today 21 April 2013, and I took several photos and I discovered that what created that optical illusion of what appears to be an apparition or ghost was actually an iron gate!  OMG.  I never noticed the gate there before, and now I know it’s there!

It all depended on the angle that I stood in, that made all the difference in whether or not my photo would come out looking like I’d taken a snap shot of a ghost.  See photo taken today.  Not too different from one above!

Mystery solved!

 photo 8dcbc98f-9064-44a4-8970-facc5e4bbdd8_zps8aff5ff3.jpg


3 thoughts on “A ghost?

  1. That is super cool. Especially sitting here inside in front of my computer where I can imagine that it was far far away from me!

    Seriously though, very neat picture. In fact, if you don’t mind, I might write a short story about it.


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