Moving forward with technology?

It’s hard to imagine the kind of world that our young people will have the pleasure of looking forward to.  I’m thinking along the lines of modern technology and how it is designed to serve modern people. I understand the benefits, and I also believe that a benefit has the potential of being a detriment.

I read a blog “What Is Google Glass? What You Need To Know” and found the idea of a google glass interesting and it spurred  me to ask:  How far will technology go?  I’ve got nothing against progress, but sometimes I have to wonder whether the progress is more geared toward the sake of progress itself, capitalism, or toward it being in the “best interest” of others? Yeah, I know.  Capitalism wins.

Who knows?  Maybe we’ve become a disposable society in over abundance and believe that what is new today is a ticket item for what is to come tomorrow.  In other words, today’s new things are made redundant before we can even blink. No. Wait.  We have become a disposable society and we do expect tomorrow to present something new.  It appears that we are in  a constant flux, a chase, a wish to seek the new and this enables us to ‘believe’ we’ll be ‘happier’ if we have it now.  For some, this might be true.  But really?

These are some of my thoughts and opinions for now.  Brief and short.


One thought on “Moving forward with technology?

  1. The link worked and this post grabbed me before I could get any farther! Our society, in general, has become addicted to the thrill of the chase and rejected the delayed satisfaction that follows a long term dedicated effort to build something. Relationships last as long as they are thrilling, products last only as long as they are thrilling. Video games are purposefully designed a series of quick thrills with “rewards” around every corner. Almost everything has become disposable.

    Though I think the recent financial difficulties have knocked a little sense back into all of us. Maybe having troubles can have a lot of positive effects!


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