2 faced people


I find it curious that there are people in the world that are changeable from day-to-day, that showcase themselves in one way one day, and in a different way the next.  Often times, I may not even blink when I see and notice this, but at other times, I am astounded.

I wonder why people are so different from day-to-day?  If it isn’t because of some medical condition, then surely, mustn’t they wonder how they are perceived by others around them? Do they care?  I can’t imagine myself being different to that extreme each day.  For example, one day you’re super nice to my face, and in the very next day, you’re working hard to discredit me in some way.  WTF is that all about?  I’m aware that there are many reasons or variables about why people behave in this way, but honestly, I don’t like 2 faced people, because that is exactly how I end up seeing them being.

As in the photo above, the tide that comes and goes, is changeable, in every moment, in every movement that it generates, and so are some people.

Regardless, each to their own.  I do like to believe that there is a lot of good inside each and every person, even if they have some grey bits in their make-up.


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