Random words in the moment

Isn’t it funny that as each day comes and goes, our experience in it is for today, and a past experience of tomorrow?  Where is this entry leading?  I’ve no idea.

I’ve decided to randomly write this entry in this moment, in the here and now, and seeing where my psyche leads me, what words it will choose to write, right now.

I just read a story about relationships.  The premise was that we should allow ourselves the gift of being loved, that having a spiritual experience shared with another is just as important as having a spiritual experience alone.  I can attest to being alone for a long time, and I can say that the spiritual experiences that I have had are those with my family first and foremost, and then followed by my friends.  By spiritual experience I don’t mean it in a religious way.  It’s more about the value add that binds two people together. The bonds that family hold, and the bonds that friendships nurture.

I’m thinking that maybe I’m picking the wrong time to write, that it might serve me best if I try to write something at an earlier time.  Then again, where is the spontaneity in it if I set a time instead of going with the flow?  Then there is that thing we all aspire to, inspiration.  Now, where is it?  Perhaps, this entry is inspired?  If so, where did it come from? What exactly is the message here?  Is it that words can flow, regardless of the subject, and still make sense? Or is there no sense in trying to make sense of something that has no subject?  The mind boggles right now, and I’m having a bit of a laugh, an internal laugh, not a loud out loud laugh, because it’s not exactly that funny that I need to laugh out loud.

Still, right now, my dog is having a munch on her kibbles, and as usual, when she takes a mouth full of her food, she then seeks where to drop her kibbles, and once she’s decided – just a matter of seconds really, she then eats each one by one, off the floor.  Funny habit that one.  Then again, most dogs do that with their food.

The TV is a distraction.  On it right now, I’m listening to and partly watching, Fantasy Homes Down Under.  I’m suddenly transfixed and interested in this.  For me, it is a new TV series about helping Europeans, mostly from the UK, settle in an Australian city.  It seems like fun.  Fun because I live in Australia and it’s like viewing Australia through the eyes of a European.  Pretty cool.

I’m cold.  Damn cold seasons don’t agree with me, and I much rather prefer warmer times.

I think it’s time for  a cuppa now.



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