My internet journey

Isn’t it interesting how over the years the internet has expediently changed? Well, this has been my experience to date.

When I first got introduced to the internet I had no idea what I was about to embark on.  At first, the way I thought of it was that it would be a source of “education,” something that I could get various bits of information from, that may or may not be useful to me.  So as I started browsing and discovering the internet my first response was to feel dissolutioned by it.  What I thought was, “Meh… What’s the big deal? I just don’t get it…” Yet, even though I was initially despondent, I persevered.

Then one day, I was having a real life conversation with some friends (note “real life” lol), and I’d discovered that they were into something that was very new to me.  It sounded like a lot of fun.  Emails and chat rooms.  The idea that I could write to someone anywhere in the world and get instant delivery, was amazing to me.  No more snail mail!  I was then introduced to; MSN Chat (no longer available), messenger, Yahoo chat rooms, and the many internet relay chat rooms that still exist today.  Once again I was blown away!  Once I learned how to log in and chat, I soon became an expert at it.

Nevertheless, after my initial excitement of it all, I soon started showing signs of chat fatigue, and I decided to let it rest for a while and then decided to only chat at random times, maybe from sheer boredom, and even then I wasn’t that into it any more.  I finally decided to let it go, for good.  It certainly did kill away the long and lonely hours.  Through chat I discovered MySpace and learned that it too had chat rooms, and at first I was hesitant because I didn’t want myself to get caught up in that whole chat thing again where I’d spend hours talking to total strangers.  So I focused on building up my profile, and once I completed it, I bit the bullet and went into MySpace chat rooms.  Oh boy, that was so much fun!  At the time, the majority of peeps that came into the chat rooms were from the US.  Some of them were too rough for my liking, and some of them were too funny and it’s the funny ones that kept me coming back.  At one stage I even ended having a long distance relationship (LDR) with a man from Detroit.  It didn’t work out.  The lesson there was that LDR’s are not for me.  Eventually, MySpace chat rooms shut down, and MySpace format changed and a lot of people left, including me.

Amazing hey?

Then along came Facebook (FB) and I joined it too.  In the early days it bored me and I concluded that I’d only have my close friends and family on there as friends, mostly from overseas.  I’ve never been overly active on FB, it bores me.  It’s nice to see photos of family and friends though.  The photos tell the story.  Apart from that, I hardly communicate with anyone on there, and they hardly communicate with me, lol.  Win-win.  Right? LOL — Who needs the 2 short word spurts here and there? Boring!

And there is Twitter.  That’s a stand alone.  Short and sweet… Well, almost.  I like Twitter because of the news media.

And now?

Now I am enjoying using blog posts.  I’m discovering that it is a lot of fun and it means that I don’t have to sit at my laptop for hours on end.  It means that I can tell my story, and I can read another’s story without having to spend hours on here.  It also means that I can interact with anyone, and once again, it doesn’t mean taking up too many of their hours or mine.  I think blogging, for me, is a winner.  It enables me to learn about what others are thinking and feeling and experiencing in life right now, and I can return to it at any time!

Phewww… A few things on the internet hey? LOL — I know there is more to explore online, but ultimately, as long as I’m having fun using this medium, I have no need to go looking elsewhere.


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