Is the system moulding us to succeed?


Now here is a something to ponder and think about. 

What drives people to compete with each other in order to succeed at what they strive for? 

I’ve often wondered where this drive in some people comes from.  The drive to be better, stronger, and more intelligent than another, and above all to have more money and wealth than they need.  We just have to look around us to see it. 

Let’s begin at birth, then kindergarten, primary school, high school and so on, and pretty soon you’ll see the commonality that is bestowed upon each and every one of us, while we go through the system of life. 

The system seems to impose upon us the challenge to stand out, to be better than the other person, to prove to our teachers and masters that we have what it takes to be excellent and to succeed at life and at work.  The system says that in order to succeed we support ourselves and are not a a burden on someone else, or a burden on a support system, and according to the system, the measure of success is then dependant upon us being competitive with each other too.  We do this by striving to provide an excellent service, or a better deal in which something is viewed as having value for money. 

The world we live in is very corporate and very money driven (no kiddin’), and success is often seen by how far up the corporate ladder you can reach and by the sum balance of your bank account.  It is in this context that we focus on ourselves and then determine what we believe is our strength, our weakness, our ability and our potential, so that we can build our accounts, strengthen them for our own personal security, our lifestyles, and our pleasures. 

The thing is, that when we do this, that which lies within us may have already been tarnished by someone else’s point of view, and/or by the system.  This is evident from when we are graded at school or how our performance at work is “perceived” and measured.  Often times, these things will have a bearing on how we drive ourselves to succeed in our work, based on someone else’s perceptions.  Sadly, someone else’s perception can be the very thing that may hinder our own personal progress through the system in order to achieve a higher paying packet.

Some of us, however, will have the fortunate grace to know ourselves, without regard to someone else’s point of view, or to the system – we may be right or we may be wrong about it though.  We may know where we stand and we are able to determine our own success based on our own life experience and not by how much the system thinks we are worth, and we do this by what we believe is of value to us, without regard to what others think. 

Some of us have the option of not having to chase the dollar, and can place less of a focus on pleasing the “other/our boss” and focusing instead on pleasing ourselves.  This state of mind keeps our identity intact and not allowed to be moulded or judged by another.

Going back to what I had intended to write about; “What drives people to compete with each other in order to succeed at what they strive for?”  Money.  It is the root of all evil, and the system is having a laugh at each and every one of us, because the further up the ladder we go, the harder we work, the less time we spend with our family and friends, and ultimately, the more money we make and can spend on the system.  It’s good for the economy you now?  The system loves this. Our world expands even more thanks to the system, and our environment suffers more.

Maybe time for another cuppa?




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