The sum total of the first impression


How many of us think we’re projecting a certain image of ourselves to the world at large and in return discover that how others see us, is very different to how we see ourselves?

It is true that often times when we first meet someone new, we will have a preconceived idea about them, and they will in turn have a preconceived idea about us, about what we represent, about what our philosophies are, and about how we move in our world, as well as, what our life status might be. It is always striking that our internal idea of self and the perspective of others, differs.

So what happens when we are confronted by the difference? 

We might mitigate it and deny it, and believe that the other person’s perspective is distorted based on their limited knowledge of us – and this may be true to begin with, because we know that first impressions are not always the sum total of us, or we might feel embarrassed because somehow we’ve let our guard down and are now discovered and seen for what we really are – which isn’t always a bad thing.  In other words, we are being transparent.  Nothing wrong with that!

So why do we react by being embarrassed instead of standing tall and proud?

It might be that we all want to retain an element of mystery about us, so that those that are new to us might be eager to engage us more, and in turn, discover that their is more to us than the sum total of the first impression.  We might like to think that through the process of discovery and getting to know us and them, that there might be a surprising element that would showcase us and them as someone to admire, and as someone to respect. 

After all, it’s all about respect.  We all want respect.  We all want to be seen as an exemplar of a good attitude, of holding a good will, and above all, as someone having a positive philosophical outlook about life in general, which in turn promotes all of us as outstanding citizens of the world.

Where is this all leading? 

BE true to yourself and accept YOU as you are.  Of course, if you know you need improvement, then by all means, do so.  There is always room for improvement, for each and every one of us, no matter who you think you are.


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