Life is born hungry. Feed life food, not plastics.

“In March 2013, Coca-Cola won its court case to stop a popular and proven 10 cent recycling refund scheme in the Northern Territory, Australia.”

If people were more responsible about how they trash their trash, and even perhaps, stop buying Coca-Cola products, then the big giant would suddenly shrink to a nothing. End of story.

There are many of us that do our darndest to do the right thing in our communities in regards to minimising the impact and the carbon footprints we leave behind on our planet earth.  We are mostly conscious of recycling waste, and we do this by collecting our domestic waste and sorting it into various bins that we ‘hope’ gets recycled and reused, accordingly.  We have waste management systems in place that process the collection of things produced by human activity.  Cities and countries have recycling programs that handle the various types of recyclable materials.

So why is it that a big giant like Coca-Cola wants to prevent and dismantle a Northern Territory recycling scheme?  Why?  Because Coca-Cola argued that it was costly and ineffective, and that the extra 10 cents added to its products was unfair to consumers, despite the fee being refundable.  What a lot of croc!

In the meantime, our wildlife are dying from starvation because their feed is plastic bottle tops that eventually block their stomachs.  Birds think the colourful tops are food.

I’m thinking that if the 10 cent cost that Coca-Cola is adamant about it not being added to its products because it is “unfair” to the consumers, then perhaps Coca-Cola should consider lowering the cost of their products so that recycling programs are not an issue for them.

On the other hand, people ought to be more vigilant about how they dispose their waste and think about how their actions affect animals in the land, sea and air.

Life is born hungry.  Feed life food, not plastics.


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