An echo of the past

sea shells

I just read a post about removing people from our lives, such as a romantic partner, or a friend in which differences forced the relationship to come to a close, only to later discover, that neither party had actually intended on removing the other at all, and that somehow it happened that way. It just happened that neither sought out the other any more, didn’t check on them any more, didn’t enquire after them any more; directions changed, situations changed, and time lapsed, too much time passed away; and those directions may or may not someday meet again.

Do you really think so?

Anything is possible.  One could imagine a desired outcome, or one could imagine any kind of outcome; maybe even a predictable outcome. Who knows?  Still I wonder why we make the choices we make when we make them, and then maybe revisit that choice at some point in time, only to discover that perhaps, the choice we made long ago, may not have been the best choice after all.  Regrets much?

No regrets.

We need to recognise that when we decide on something, we also acknowledge that from here on, whatever the decision, there is a consequence for it and that it will stay with us forever.  Thinking with the head has its place, but failing to listen to the heart will render the person feeling like an empty sea shell, collecting sand and wind with the tide and flow of the sea that forever repeats its music.

Place the empty sea shell against your ear, and listen to the echo of its past.  The sound of the sea, repeats in that shell for ever more, until that shell is no more.

Keep moving forward and prosper.

moving forward


5 thoughts on “An echo of the past

  1. I’ve had a few ‘readings’ over the last couple of years….. the Tarot type of reading and the Medium reading [very interesting hearing from the ‘other side’]……. every time I have any kind of reading I always get the same message…. KEEP MOVING.


  2. i couldn’t agree with you more. NO regrets. Once you make a decision, you need to own it and accept responsibility for whatever consequences that come along with it. I feel that before making some kind of major decision, especially when it comes to love, one needs to think with both the mind and the heart in sync. Think with the heart alone, and you take away all rational thought and the reality of things. Think with the mind alone, and you omit all emotions and feelings towards someone. There has to be a mind-body synchronization before making decisions of any kind. It’s so tough to do though, especially when you’re in the heat of the moment. It’s a lesson I still continue to learn, and will probably do so until I’m dead. Your seashell analogy was pure GOLD.

    In case I haven’t said this to you before, I LOVE your work Gina! Keep up the fantastic work! :o)


  3. In my youth I made some decisions that were based on shallow reasons. I can only say that I wish I knew then what I know now. Those are the kind of decisions I do regret, but I suppose I was doing the best I can under the circumstances. Sigh.


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