Insecure people


What is it with fathers and hasty decisions?

Dad recently sold his house and has bought into an over 55’s village.  The thing is, he was quick to make a decision and didn’t give it too much thought.  He tends to go with the flow and hopes for the best.  Is this wise though?  Especially when buying new property?

I like to think that I’m a spontaneous sort, a woman that lives in the moment, and even though this may be true, I also believe that I am a bit more cautious in my financial dealings, than rushing into something, as quickly as Dad has.

Question:  What drives some people to act in haste, and what drives others to take ample time before making a decision?

I don’t know.  I’m not a psychologist.  I guess all I can think of at this point in time is that acting in haste comes from a sense of urgency, from a sense of missing out on what appears to be a really good deal.  From a sense of insecurity.  This may backfire though, as the costs of things become evident and inescapable, realisation dawns, it may not have been such a good idea after all.

On the other hand, we have the procrastinators, those that like to think it over till death comes, and may never make a decision because, well, it’s too hard.  They act this way because they too are insecure.  What the fk*??  Where are all these insecure people coming from???  So there you have it.  A world in which many insecure people are making decisions based on their insecurities and simply getting on with it.

I guess it is like “living in the moment.”  After all, if we can’t live it right now, when do we?


2 thoughts on “Insecure people

  1. Here’s the deal, in my opinion. Some of us are impatient and once we make a decision, we want to act on it fast. We take shortcuts and don’t want to take the time to weigh the pro’s and con’s. Or do the research. Count me in this group. Then there are those who are patient and will take all the time they need to do that research. Finally, the procrastinators, as you mention. They are paralyzed by having to make a decision, and so they never do. I’d say 90 percent of us fit into one of these categories. I can’t speak for the other 10. 😉


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