Journalists and some of their writing styles

Time and time again, journalist superimpose their views on the populace, which in turn gets most people agreeing with them! Surely the majority of people can make up their own minds without the media leading them on?

I came across an online article tonight written by Andrew Bolt:  for the Herald Sun, titled; “Why did Labor stick with Prime Minister Julia Gillard as its leader?” The article showcases Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s  recent political exposures such as; bribery, false assurances, lies, squandering money, incompetence, and political division.  I get the gist.  Whatever!  Mr Bolt clearly loves using lots of poisonous ink.

What struck me about this article was the intensity and the venomous vindictiveness of the opening line in which Mr Bolt writes; “TWO years after Julia Gillard died as Prime Minister, Labor still can’t get rid of the body.”  Is this really necessary?  Is it really necessary to speak of someone with such venom?  For argument’s sake, let’s strip Julia Gillard’s title as Prime Minister of Australia (which may happen at this September election), and what do we have left?  A woman.  A human being.

The opening line offends me.  It offends me because it over shadows the intention of the article, by personally attacking Julia Gillard (the person).  By definition, holding office has it’s perks and it’s drawbacks.  I just don’t think that a position held in office should define the character of a “person” in the way in which media does it, and in this case, describing our Prime Minister as a dead body.   This is so wrong, on so many levels!

It is common knowledge that the media (journalists) have the power to sway how people respond to their points of view, their stories (just like I am right now).  The interpretation of any event as portrayed by a journalist in a news article, is perceived by many as something that reads like a sermon.  It’s not a bible, people!  There are many people that believe what they read and what they hear!  There are also many people that understand the propaganda between the lines.  What I’d like to see are news articles respecting the subject, and being mindful of them too.

If you don’t agree with what is said in the political sphere, or what you believe a Prime Minister has done, then don’t vote for them at election time.  It’s that simple.  By all means, don’t spit your venom on them because of it.  They play their political games, just like you do in your journalistic play .  People can work it out for themselves.

By all means, write your own opinion piece and share what you want to express or say, and please remember that bullying tactics in written forms are not acceptable by anyone!

Rant over.


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