Why do men fabricate stories on dating sites?


Today, I’ve read a few entries about relationship seekers and the like, and I can’t say that I’m surprised.  What I’m discovering is that people seeking to date, or get into a new relationship are coming across very similar issues.  The issue of lying and deceit.

As a woman that has had the experience of on line dating and finding that not all that is written within a profile is honest and true, and that the embellishment of the truth is almost an expected thing and in some cases, encouraged, is an extreme turn off for me, and possibly to many others too!

My biggest turn off were men lying about their age. It isn’t exactly a secret why men lie about their age, it is obvious that the younger a woman is, the more appealing she will be to a man, plus if they’re seeking a woman to have a child with, someone within child bearing age is going to be more attractive to him than an older woman that has already reared children of her own. But why lie about it then?  Isn’t lying setting the man up for “never” landing himself a woman of his desire? Or, are there women out there that are more than happy to ignore that ‘little’ white lie?  Why it’s called a ‘white’ lie is beyond me! A lie is a lie.

So what other options are there to women that are seriously trying to meet a man of quality, within her ideal, whether he exists or not?

It used to be that [1]for centuries, women had to accept the mates their parents selected for them, no matter how unattracted they were to the men. During the 1800s, that began to change, as women won the right to at least turn down suitors (if not find the man of their dreams).  During the middle ages, bride and groom often did not know each other at all–it was their parents who arranged the engagement, or betrothal. The bride could have been as young as twelve; boys did not usually marry until they were seventeen.  In 1215, the Catholic Church declared that a private promise was an unbreakable covenant, and that the two partners would be considered married. Of course, no one wants to revert to an old age system that was written in stone!

People also met at Church or at a dance; as in the novel, [2]Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, that covers marriage in the society of the landed gentry of early 19th-century England.  And as much some people go to Church these days (not me), how many go there just so that they can meet their man? I’m sure there are statistics available for this cohort of women, somewhere.

Nevertheless, for the very few women that have had a success story from on line dating, I’m sure that by applying common sense and by keeping a bit of an open mind, those men that lie about their age, or post photo’s of themselves from 10-15yrs ago, will remain on those sites for ever more, getting older and for ever single. 
And to those men that are more sincere and more honest in their approach, that have profiles that read quasi there and are somewhere sitting quietly, waiting patiently, and wondering if he will ‘ever’ meet the woman of his dreams, she is out there, waiting for you to let her know, you are here. 
I’m certain that there are men have their stories about their own personal experience, good or bad, around dating sites! It goes both ways!


6 thoughts on “Why do men fabricate stories on dating sites?

  1. I wrote about the gentleman I met who said he was 52 in his profile and turned out to be 63. He didn’t grasp why he could never get a date after a meet n’ greet. Gee……..I wonder why?


  2. Yup. A lot of men feel insecure about their age and this is why they do it. Especially if they feel like they have catching up to do…


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