Liebster Blog Award

Hoping for Courage


Just like the blogger who nominated me for it, this is my first time being nominated for this award. I am happily accepting the award from couchpotatoandblogging! If you have a minute please go check out her blog!

The rules to the award are:

*Answer the questions and provide a link back to the one who nominated you.

*Place the Leibster Award logo on your post.

*Spread the love by selecting your nominees

Here are my answers to the questions she has asked me:

1.) Describe your life that you’re having right now in two words.

Adventurous and silly

2.) What is your favorite book that you would recommend to other bookworms? And why?

Sarah’s Key. It was one of the first books that truly got me hooked on reading. Such a good story (at least I thought so)

3.)  If you’re going to compare yourself to a movie…

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