Time Constructs

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It’s an interesting man made construct which we use every day.  Without the mechanics of time, we can’t make appointments, schedule meetings, and measure our minutes from allowances given to us at work so that we can be “off” work for a tea break or a lunch break.  Just about everything in our lives is measured against the time we’ve conveniently constructed for ourselves.

I’m wondering how many people suffer from time anxiety?  The anxiety of being late for an appointment, whether it is for arriving at work on time, for a party, a birth, a wedding etc.  Anxiety over time is a major concern for many people in today’s modern world.  It is an individualistic construct too in which our own personal circumstance on any given day may run the show.

What does time mean to you?

For me, it means that I align myself against the “expectations” of those around me, a lot of which is mentioned in previous paragraph.  Yet, even though I may align myself around those things, I am certain that on most occasions I am anxious to make it on time, but not always.  I seem to have an innate ability of overriding my time anxiety for a brief moment so that I am not anxious about it at all.  When I go to work each morning,  initially as I leave my house to get into my car and start driving to work, I’m anxiously in a hurry to get going.  Yet, once I’m in my car, and I note that I am late, very late on most days, I’m not worried, and perhaps, I should be worried that I am very late.

This idea of “should be worried” is only an embedded idea learned from observations of others around me.  Their reactions for being late to work, etc.  is learned behaviour because it is posited to being showcased in such a way as to make it appear that one is really sorry and concerned that they are late for work, when in fact, they aren’t.  I know I’m not, and this only applies to me around work.  I had extremely good work ethics about being on time long ago, now, I honestly don’t care any more, because I know that when I am at work, I work hard to make it all happen and by the time my day is done, my time has been well spent.  This also applies to other aspects of my life.  I care because I don’t want to unsettle others on my account.  When it comes to time, I seem to value my friends and family more than my dear acquaintances.

Then again, it does depend on the circumstance in which time captures my attention.  I like to believe that I give my “time and day” to someone needing an ear or a shoulder to cry on.  I like to believe that I can give my “time and day” to someone that has a need of some sort.  I will stop what I am doing to give my “time and day” to listen to you.  Time can be metaphorical in every sense too.

This means that “time” is subjective and not necessarily on some kind of linear path that only goes one way.  It is metaphorical in its interpretation and it goes without say that our own perception of it, due to our own construct of it, makes our time on our world go by fast or slowly.

Be present, that’s where you are meant to be.


3 thoughts on “Time Constructs

  1. Such an interesting post – I definitely have time anxiety. I hate being late for things and I must check the time about 50 times a day… Our entire lives evolve around it.

    I’ve been on holiday for a while and I don’t necessarily need to be concerned with what time it is, but I still check it.


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