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What part of ourselves do we allow people to draw from us? Are they good parts or bad parts?

I find it interesting to observe other people’s behaviours, mostly at work at the moment, and noticing what comes out of a person when prompted, or how a person reacts when given some kind of positive reinforcement around their most recent behaviour. It’s interesting how an accepted introvert can very quickly become an overly excited extrovert.

How does this happen?

All it takes is for the leader of the pack to say that they love you because they think you are funny, and that you’re such a character, and suddenly it gives you the confidence and permission to behave in a way that you wouldn’t normally otherwise do. Suddenly, other people’s opinions take on a whole new meaning, and now you’re tagged as the focus point, or the centre of attention. It doesn’t take much, does it?

Yet, underneath all the transition from introvert to extrovert, I notice that the person the attention is directed on, doesn’t always feel appreciation for it. There are elements of irritation expressed through the eyes, and through the face. So what causes the shift from feeling like it is fun, to feeling like it’s an irritation? Is it a chore, something to pacify the one expressing the joy and appreciation for your comedic interludes?

I guess it all comes down to people wanting to feel like they belong and that they are valued by their peers.

Have a look at the link. Very interesting!
 power of persuasion


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