Much ado about nothing

Photo credit: Unique Wallpaper.

This entry goes to show you that having nothing to say can actually be having something to say.  Often times, I think that there are many things I could write about, express, share, and yet, the moment to do all these things fails me when I’m sitting here thinking about what it is I want to write about, share with you, and express.  So what will I write about today? Will I write about the weather? Oh yeah, that would get you going, right? No.  Will I write about the joy and excitement of Spring’s approach? I could but really, what could I possible say about it so far?

The buds have only just popped on stems and branches, and I’m definitely looking forward to going to Floriade this year, as much as I have looked forward to it every other year.  Love it! So what will I write about then?  I’m watching Big Brother right now, a meagre distraction, but alas, I won’t bore you with the details. I could write about my weekend so far? Hmm, let me see.

Friday night, stayed home.  No night out with the girls this time.  Why? It just didn’t happen, it is as simple as that.  What happened Saturday? I caught up with a friend for a coffee which ended up turning into a late lunch.  I ordered a Quiche Lorraine with a salad on the side, and it tasted horrible.  In fact, I felt nauseous for a while because of it.  So yeah, that was a FAIL.  In the evening I decided to invite my friend over for dinner and I cooked salmon and roast vegetables and it went down well with a glass of white wine.  After that, I put on 2 DVD’s and that completed the evening.

Today, I went for a walk with my dog, my daughter and her boyfriend, down by the river where we stopped at a café and each ordered something.  Service was super slow, the owners could use an experienced barista to make the coffee and staff that have more energy and spritz cleaning the tables, serving the customers and being on time with serving the meals.  The blue sky and sun compensated for the delays and lack of professionalism, as we sat at our table resting on the green grass overlooking the river.  It was delightful.

As you can see, I had nothing to say to begin with, and then, I had nothing too significant to write but wrote it anyway.  Did it change your world?  LOL — Didn’t think so!



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