The price of things


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Nothing irks me more than the current cost of living. The current economic status quo renders most people’s wallets too open for their own good.

The Consumer Price Index, Australia, June 2013 states that all group CPI’s are on 2.4% with the most significant price rise for medical and hospital services (+3.4%).  The living costs of pensioner and beneficiary households rose 0.3%.  Clothing and footwear (+2.8%).  I’m thinking, pensioners on a very low-income are doing it tough.

This leads me to ask a few questions.  Why do we as a society, continue to pay a heft price for things?  Why is there no protest? Why are people so willing at their own peril to pay a high price for goods in general? If there was a sudden shift to not pay for costed items at asking price, what then?

All too often most people are willing to pay for something without interactive bargaining.  It doesn’t even occur to them to ask for a lower price, and because they don’t ask, the retailer is laughing all the way to the bank and continues to increase the price of his goods even further, because it believes the consumer will pay for it if they want it. No questions asked. I’m amazed by this.

What a sad state of affairs.  Sometimes when I witness someone forking out a large sum of money for an item, I am almost incensed by it because it sends the message to the retailer that the community at large isn’t fussed either way if something costs more than it is worth.  It sends the wrong message to the retailer that the community at large has money to spend (when most people are struggling) therefore, lets keep upping the price of things, because we can, and because they will pay.

I believe that if more people refused to pay for something that is astronomically overpriced, the retailers will have no option but to lower their prices.  After all, a sale will make sure a certain income to the retailer, rather than no income at all.

Wake up folks.  Start bargaining for your goods, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  The more people refuse to pay for something that costs too much, the more inclined the retailer will be to lower their prices.

Things need to be reasonable and not unreasonable. Where is the common sense gone?  Why does a loaf of bread (depending on the brand) have to cost somewhere between $3.69 – $6.99 a loaf!  It’s insane!

I’m just sayin’…



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