Charities are on Abbott’s hit list

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Tony Abbott ran a campaign specifically targeting government waste and reckless spending.  The mainstream media was quick to applaud, especially when from the sparse amount of detail provided, it amounted to cutting 20,000 jobs.  However, as these jobs were only those of government employees, it was high-fives all ’round.  Apart from this populist piece where making people unemployed had somehow become a virtue, the rest of the cutting was something unspecified.  However, the rhetoric endlessly repeated by the mainstream media, parrot-fashion, was that it was “waste”.  “Waste” the Liberals roared; and they were the ones who had been ordained with the task of cutting it.

The Liberals clearly knew, or rather lead the public to believe that they knew, where “waste and reckless spending” was, or perhaps might be.  It was just a matter of being elected, and then they would deal with it.

Tony Abbott did promise, and…

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