A Mandate. What on Earth is a Mandate?

“Labor lost the election for two reasons. Firstly because there was a perception of dysfunction. And secondly because Murdoch ordered it so.”

The Australian Independent Media Network


Earlier this week I posted this comment on Facebook:

“To claim that you have a policy mandate when almost half of the population voted against you is an absurdity”

When someone questioned as to why I felt the conservatives didn’t have a mandate, I followed up with this:

“If you called an election on one explicit policy and everyone knew that it was specifically about that policy and you won. I would say you had a mandate. When in an election there are a multitude of policies I hardly think everyone would agree with all that party’s policies. Even if you voted for that party. Therefore it is ludicrous to claim a mandate on every one of them.”

In a private message a person asked for more information. I was pressed to think more deeply. I looked up many dictionary and other mandate definitions. They all spoke in general terms…

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