Melbourne Dec. 2013

Don’t you hate it when you forget the “real camera at home” and use an iPhone as an alternative?

Melbourne Star


Williamstown Marina



Port Melbourne’s Beaconsfield Parade


4 thoughts on “Melbourne Dec. 2013

  1. Just came across these lovely shots even though you didn’t have your camera. Wish the phone camera didn’t work for the wheel….it is soooooo embarrassing. London has had theirs forever, but nope, ours is the lemon…cringe.


  2. Hi Gina, Thought I’d try using another browser, as you suggested. Just wanted to tell you that I can totally relate about not having my camera on hand the moment I see a photo worth taking. Just yesterday I was out walking, saw a Monarch butterfly. Had to use my phone which doesn’t take pix nearly as sharp. Sigh.


    1. I’m glad we had the same thoughts! Glad you can post comments here again!

      That butterfly would’ve been an excellent capture. Realistically, we can’t always be attached to our cameras.


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