An Open Letter to Cory Bernardi

You’ve written what I was thinking. Well said!

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Cory and Sinead BernardiDear Cory Bernardi,

Before you ignore this letter like all the other outraged mail you must be getting in response to your book, The Conservative Revolution, you should know that this is not a letter of grievance. It is one of congratulations. I want to congratulate you for your honesty and your commitment to your ideals, which you are obviously unwilling to hide whether you’re causing yourself and your government political pain or not. Well done Cory. Brave man.

I also want to congratulate you for forcing this honesty onto Tony Abbott. Some in the media are already reporting that Abbott is distancing himself from your published work, but when you actually scrutinise what Abbott has said, he’s done nothing of the sort. Today, through a spokesperson mind you, Abbott released this statement:

“Senator Bernardi is a backbencher and his views do not represent the position of the government”.

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4 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Cory Bernardi

  1. I remember a woman I met with tears. Yes, this woman who was a wonderful mother, with a two year old, found herself having to abort the twins she was carrying. Babies that she planned.,

    Yes, the father decided he had enough, walked out, leaving her with a mountain of debt.

    Thos was back in the days, before Mr. Whiltam and his single mothers pension.

    Women choose thsiu action, do they Mr. Bernadi.


    1. Ignorance has no place in 2014.

      Mr Bernardi needs to wake up and smell the coffee. In fact, he needs to educate himself on what the real issues are in every day life, instead of making blatant statements which have no basis in anything but small minded stupidity.


    1. And each day Australians are reminded that choices have consequences. I hope that at the next election, they approach their vote, more informed and less concerned about the kinds of relationship that exists among colleagues (because they exist everywhere) and place more focus on what is important to them, about policy, about what is realistically achievable. More informed and more intelligent.


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