Love’s first hand

Photo Source: Google Images – Patrick Recout

I took it upon myself yesterday to go and see if I could spot Love’s hand when it first finds two people.  You know?  That instant moment when two people lock eyes for the first time and there is nothing on earth that can stop it from happening.

Well. I failed.  I didn’t see it anywhere.

What prompted me to see if I could spot Love being ignited in this way?  A movie I saw a few nights ago, “Feast of Love” staring Morgan Freeman.  I felt inspired by it and wondered if I could also be just at the right time and place when it is all happening, lol. What can I say?  I’m a hopeless romantic.

Instead what happened was that I ended up window shopping, grabbed a coffee and something to eat while still looking to see if I could be lucky enough to spot that magic moment, and still nothing.  Sigh.  I thought that I was clearly at the wrong place and time to spot it, to find it, to see it unfold before my very own eyes.  I need to think about it a bit more and question where I might see it, and it wasn’t happening in a shopping centre.  Well, at least not for today.

From shop to shop I explored the potential of buying birthday gifts for my son and daughter.  At one point I was looking at purchasing a hands-free car kit for smart phones, I was thinking that this was an excellent idea for a gift, and a young customer service officer approached me and he asked me if he could help me with something. I pointed to the hands-free device and asked a few questions about it and then, it hit me like an offensive sulphuric burst up my nostrils, he had the strongest body odour, EVER! I swear I couldn’t get away from him fast enough.

Like… WTF??? I can presume he didn’t have a shower that morning before leaving his place and signing into work? WHY? I asked myself.  WHY? What is so freakin’ hard about hopping into the shower first thing in the morning?  Arrghh!  I’d like to think he has a legitimate reason for it.  But you know???? Gross!

Sure enough.  He didn’t get a sale from me.  His loss, but also the stores loss.  I’ll go somewhere else and buy those gifts, and hopefully, the customer service officer smells a lot nicer than He did.

Well so much for trying to spot ‘Love’ in the making.  Instead my nose got a whiff of unpleasantness.  Just great.


8 thoughts on “Love’s first hand

  1. He stayed at his girlfriends the previous night.
    He had been courting her for three months when she unexpectedly invited him into her bed.
    In his mind they would consummate their connection on the following Saturday night after a long romantic dinner.
    The wine was red and easy on the palate.
    The food was rich and flavoursome.
    The candle light reflected in their eyes and the music was soft and unobtrusive. The desert wine came from McLaren Vale and topped the even off perfectly.
    The walked along the river, hand in hand, anticipating the delights to come but………………………….. it didn’t happen that way………. it was mid week and they met for pizza from Gino’s.
    The wine was red and a touch on the rough side but Gino was generous and constantly refilled their glass.
    Fortunately, they had walked to the Trattoria and they walked back, somewhat unsteadily, to her place.

    He had been a gentleman and was waiting for the right time to bed her.
    He didn’t want to spoil what he saw as a perfect chance at happiness.
    She, on the other hand, was getting impatient. She was enjoying their mutual pleasure sessions but she really wanted him to make love to her, ‘all the way’ as the oldies used to say back in those old movies from the 60s.

    Entering her flat required a journey past her bedroom. The door was usually open, the bed was always made, and he often looked longingly in its direction.
    On this occasion she pushed his unsteady frame into her bedroom and he collapsed on her bed. She had her evil way with him; several times, at a variety of angles and altitudes.
    Lying, exhausted in the early morning light, he realised that this was not going to be the most romantic story to tell his child assuming his new partner became pregnant that night.
    It was an unusual thought but this had been an unusual night.

    After a few hours of lying in the soft morning light he showered and dressed. He knew that his work colleagues would wind him up for wearing the same clothes two days in a row but he did not mind a bit of friendly teasing……….. she was worth it, and besides, it was going to enhance his reputation with the blokes.

    He cleaned his teeth with her toothpaste and his finger but her deodorant was a bit too girly so he would wait until he got to work, where he had an emergency deodorant nestled in his locker. His plan hit a speed bump when, after kissing his newly found loved one goodbye — she had the day off so he encouraged her to sleep — he arrived at work to the memory of Bill Sykes borrowing his emergency underarm protection.

    Bill NEVER returned anything!

    He believed that the shower afforded him about two hours or so of protection but he was badly mistaken. Some bozo had set the aircon too high and his body odour was increasing by the minute. He was going to have to ask someone to borrow theirs or duck out and buy some, but there was one more customer to serve before the problem could be solved.

    The lady pointed at a ‘hands free kit’ and he knew that it was already too late.
    The look on her face told him that drastic action was required.

    The sale was lost but the day would not be a complete disaster if only he could make it to the discount Chemist around the corner.

    Just a thought…….


    1. Ahahahaha love it! What an imagination. This is by far one of my best comments I’ve received in a long time. Thanks for the laughs.



  2. Why wouldn’t his boss tell him to freshen up? Surely this would be a basic requirement of the job! Where else would you go to have a chance at such a glimpse, A park, picnic area? I am a people watcher however your endeavours add the element of premonition!


    1. That is my question too! The thing is, someone once told me that HR isn’t allowed to tell someone that they have hygiene issues. And I’m thinking, why the hell not? Something to do with invasion to a person’s freedom etc… go figure… Well, what about my freedom to want clean people around me? Sigh.


  3. Well you sure got a nose-full, Gina. Too bad no one at the store noticed this unsavory smelling employee. They might have averted losing a sale. (Btw, once again I had to exit my browser and find another one in order to leave this message. Sigh.)


    1. I’m hoping that leaving me a comment isn’t problematic for you and others. I’ve no idea why some browsers work better that others. It’s all too strange! I’m now wondering if this could be why I rarely get comments??


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