I was just thinking – time travel

TimePhoto Source:  Google Images

As I was browsing through some photos on FB, it occurred to me for no known reason at all, that I’d just seen a glimpse of a human timeline.  No kidding.  Right?  This lead me to think about time travel, don’t ask me why, it just did, and I got to thinking on whether or not it is as feasible and as possible a notion as it sounds.  Does it exist?  Can we skip from one time into another?  And unless we are moving forward in time, because for now, that’s what we know does happen, then going backwards in time is unlikely, unless viewed in photos.

The only thing that exists from the past in the known universe is a radioactive image that it once existed; and there are many of these images throughout the known universe.

I took it upon myself to imagine the zoom-in deep into space, just as astronomers do with their telescopes, and get a sense of what it might be like as I head back to where it all began, and the resulting view was a universal photo album in consequential time, a timeline of photo images that lead me right back to the beginning.  In other words, I saw slices of the universe at points in time, and because I could see these images, I knew it was once there, I saw the evidence that it happened once, but I know I cannot go back to it, I cannot turn back time and bring into it focus just as it was all happening, all over again.

An event in space; be it a catastrophic event or any kind of event, is a precursor of a radioactive image that happens in the moment that it happens, and there are no repeats.

The universe has a history of its events; just like people do.  And just like people, the universe has its own camera, and it will take a snap shot of things as they happen, and they are floating around in space; photographic indentations in the fabric of gravity, which we can see.

What does this mean?

We can flick through the pages of the past, but we cannot relive it, we cannot experience the life and energy that once was, perhaps in our thoughts we can, in our memories.  However, the fabric of the universe acts as a carrier, a receptacle, which constantly rejuvenates and changes and moves forward, all in one directional splay and forever expanding, while leaving its past behind until it is no more.

One cannot travel to something that no longer exists, and time travel is indeed a human construct, an idea borne in fiction, simply to entertain us.


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