A Hypothetical

I can’t begin to imagine how much pain and sorrow there is for all those people waiting on the news of their loved ones, holding onto the deepest hope that they be found and returned home safely.

MH370 seems to have vanished beyond the realms of our imagination.  The full scale searches have led to nothing that is even worthy of a mention, and the conspiracy theories keep growing.  The constant barrage of unknown circumstances seems to reside like an umbrella over the facts; served to us with bits of information at best.

It is true that I’m no expert in such things, and it’s probably best I keep my own thoughts to myself and wait to see what unfolds in the media.  But, for some reason, I feel the urge to document what I’m thinking right now.

From the precise moment that MH370 was reported missing, I had the strangest thought that it was steered in the opposite direction; I’ve no idea why I had this thought, but I did.  Yes, I know that this is now reported in the news; as I said, it was my first thought.  I then started thinking about possible scenarios; probably best left for fiction, but still, the scenarios played out in my thoughts, as I’m certain that it has also played out in your thoughts too.

I imagined that the plane went west and that it had landed safely with all its passengers unharmed.  I questioned my thoughts on this, and all that I could think of was why? Why would a plane change course and travel west?  What purpose would it serve?  And yet, this is what researches believe has happened.  It sounds like a possible hijack to an unknown destination; for a purpose unknown to any of us.

My thoughts went from; probably hijacking by some kind of stealth, to the plane flying straight into a wormhole; even though researchers have no observational evidence that wormholes exist.  Other thoughts lead me to assume that perhaps it was UFO hijacking; I’m not a believer of UFO’s but I am open to the possibilities of them existing.  I’m sure there are lots of ufologists out there hoping that this could be the piece of evidence that proves their existence once and for all; even though there is no such evidence, yet.

But what if the plane was hijacked and the people are on an island or in some other country somewhere, waiting to be found?  And what if they’re not waiting, and are held hostage instead?  If they are held hostage, why isn’t someone making claims about this, and revealing it to the world?  So perhaps, this line of thought is not right, neither.

I’m at a loss; just as much as you are.  I want answers; just as much as you do.  I’m hoping that MH370 will be found intact, and that all passengers are unharmed.  I don’t want to believe that something like an aeroplane can simply vanish without a trace.  If things can vanish without a trace, then there are things in nature that we are not aware of; which would mean we’ve all been held in ignorance about what actually exists out there, or about what exists anywhere else for that matter.  What are these things?  And why do they behave in this way?

I’m not religious and for want of better words, I hope to GOD that we get answers about what happened to MH370, and that we get them soon, and above all, that the passengers are alive and well.


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