Marching for my community

Queen Victoria

Today I marched with my community at March in March Adelaide, and was honoured to have a chance to speak. Here is my speech:

Adelaide March in MarchThank you to the organisers of March in March for inviting me to speak today.

If you’re wondering who I am, I’m one of you. I’m not a politician. I’m not a journalist. I’m not a lobbyist. I’m not a mining magnate. I don’t own a newspaper. I’m not an ‘insider’.

But perhaps that is a benefit. Because it’s often the people on the outside who can see best what is happening inside. And right now, all I can see in our country’s recent past is the wreckage strewn in the wake of the Tony Abbott wrecking ball. And all I can see ahead is a whole lot more trouble for the country that we all love.

So today I would like to share with…

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11 thoughts on “Marching for my community

  1. Thanks for sharing. It’s gratifying to see how politically minded you are. A citizen doing your part. Kudos to you! So is the news of the Malaysian airplane a big story where you are, as big as it is here in the states? I think it might be considering it’s “proximity” to Perth.


    1. Hi Monica. Yes MH370 is on the news constantly here in Australia. We’re all hoping that there is a positive resolve to this mystery, even though we fear the worst.


          1. I’m not surprised. First of all, the families will hang onto anything, including the belief that the plane safely landed somewhere and all on board are waiting to be rescued. I feel sorry for them. My heart goes out to all who had loved ones on the plane. That is not the way I want to go. What agony.

            Conspiracy theorists abound and as long as we have incidents that cannot be explained, we’ll have conspiracy theories. Have you seen the film, Zeitgeist? It’s available to view for free on the internet. Watch it. It’s truly fascinating and may have you believing in conspiracies. Or at least thinking twice before scoffing at them. The film touches on religion, economy , politics and September 11th. It is an amazing piece of work and it will practically blow your mind with facts.


            1. You haven’t read my small entry titled “A hypothetical” just to add my conspiracy theories to it all. I’ll look out for that movie. Thanks. I’ve always believed that there is a smidgeon of truth behind CT’s.


                1. I’ve just finished watching the entire trilogy of Zeitgeist. It has reinforced what I’ve always believed. About the ways in which people are manipulated and controlled, sometimes unbeknownst to them, by those in power, by the debt generators and by the need that meets their own greed.

                  An interesting view into the machinations of power and control.

                  Thanks for the tip.


                  1. I’m glad you watched. It’s totally believable and makes you look at everything differently, starting with religion. It doesn’t feel like far fringe at all. That’s why I keep coming back to the Malaysian plane and wondering if there’s more to it that they’re not telling. Who really knows?


                    1. It’s interesting that you hold the same thoughts as I do. Nothing is beyond impossible, and everything is possible.


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