At the beach



5 thoughts on “At the beach

  1. I love naturally occurring beach-under-ocean-under-sky photography such as this photo is. Photoshopping does imbue perspectives of nearness and distance with a certain aesthetically pleasing and sharpening aspect, but tends to unjustifiably reinforce and reproduce ideas of permanence. For instance, Gina, I’ll bet if you told me what beach that photo was taken at, I could go there this weekend and wouldn’t be able to find the rock at the forefront of centre, let alone turn it over to see what kinds of swimmy-things are settled underneath it.


    1. Brad. Thank you for your comment. I took this photo at Mollymook Beach, NSW on 11/3/13, just off Beach Road, using my iPhone camera and it has not been photoshopped, as you suggest. It is in it’s original state.

      To begin with, I don’t even own Photoshop. I tend to just take photos as weird angles, by either tilting my phone in a particular direction and then I take a photo. It’s all pretty random. By all means, if you ever get a chance, Mollymook Beach is a beautiful beach to explore and you should go there one day, and I bet you’ll find that rock. 🙂


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