Abbott, “skills beyond his years”

The Australian Independent Media Network

00036672-642 Mark Kenny has been effusive in his praise of Tony Abbott, writing : Abbott in China shows skills beyond his years

My first response was a quizzical one; skills beyond his years?  Kenny is writing about a person who is 56 years old and who has been in politics for just over two decades.  Surely some sort of “skills” should have already emerged during that length of time. . .or at least one would have thought so.

Kenny, who clearly is or rather was, aiming for some boost in Abbott’s popularity arising from Tony’s overseas sojourn, then added:

But Abbott has spent a political career surprising those who underestimate the power of HIS intelligence, HIS people skills (funnily enough), and perhaps most importantly, HIS directness.

Is this all about the person and not the country?

Abbott clearly has been hiding these of his particular lights under a bushel, with the…

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