We were just playing; and then…

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What happened here?  Where is everyone?  I’m sure it wasn’t like this a minute ago.  Why does this place look so different?  Mum?  Dad?  Where are you? Where is everyone?





No one’s here.  I don’t get it.  We were just outside playing cricket.  The weather was overcast.  Mum and Dad were watching over us while having a conversation, and Mum had the giggles for some reason.  Dad must’ve said something funny.  Nan was seated on the porch on her rocking chair, knitting.  She’s always knitting.  I think she was making a blanket, because by the size of that thing, I can’t imagine what it could be.

My friends are from my immediate neighbourhood, we’ve known each other since we were born.  James is my best friend.  He and I are the oldest kids in our neighbourhood, so it was no surprise that we got on so well with each other.  The other kids, just a few years younger; they’d join us outside, while James and I played.

We used to always make up games, picking up the simplest of things off the ground, and from nowhere, we’d conjure up a game or another.  It was so much fun, and somehow, the days just went.

School was good too.  James and me; we’d always get into class late.  Our teacher, Mrs Delores had given up on our timing, and welcomed us each morning with a hurry up look on her face.  She always smelled nice though.  I liked how she dressed.  I know, I’m weird this way.  I notice these things on people; especially if I have a secret crush on them.  She need never know. OK?

I seemed to be doing well at school.  My reports shone with praise and even so, my parents would always harp at me to keep my nose down in the books and study harder.  It seemed like there was no pleasing them, ever.

I regressed.  Sorry… Anyway…

As I said, I was outside playing cricket with James and the other kids.  The cricket set was a birthday present for James, and he couldn’t wait to use it.  The funny thing is that James nor me have ever held a cricket bat before, and yet, we knew how to swing that bat when the ball hit it’s face.  The other kids would run to catch the ball, and because James hit the ball hard, it would go flying high, and Mum and Dad would often call out and ask us to not hit that ball so hard in fear it would break the neighbours windows.

The last thing I remember was the ball coming my way so fast and so strong, that all I can remember now is the sound of a strong thud.

Oh no… The ball knocked me out didn’t it?

Why am I feeling scared now …?

Mum??? ******

Dad??? ******

Dad??? *****

Mum???  ****

Mum??? ***


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