A party at the Dolder Grand Hotel

Photo credit: Google Images

Funny Dog

Yea.  Go on, laugh.  ‘Cause let me tell you something.  I didn’t look anything like this last night, until that witch of a bitch put a spell on me.  Yea.  That’s right.  You read it right. We’re in the 21st century, and a witch placed a spell on me and turned me into a dog.  Can you believe that?  Just look at me, will ya?  I’m just not feeling it!

As Australians touring Zürich, John and I accepted every invitation.  Our privileged life allowed us all the finer details of every major party and event being held in the city.  After all, this was a great city with a big night life, and we weren’t going to miss any of it.  The DJ Madhouse party was broadcast as potentially being the wildest party in Zürich, promising activities and enchantments unheard of, and of course my friend John and I had to go, didn’t we.

We’d already tried the popular party locations such as the; Black & White Lounge-Bar, Les Garcons, Belmondo Club, Bern and the Tellenbar in Altdorf, and they were great!  But this was going to be something different…

The Dolder Grand Hotel boasted 173 rooms and suites, two restaurants, a bar, 13 conference rooms and a 4’000 m² spa, and John and I rocked up there in our Leblanc Mirabeau wearing our fancy dress costumes.  John was dressed as a pirate and I was dressed as top gun. At short notice, it was the best I could do.

We were greeted by a gorgeous woman dressed in a Turkish belly dancing costume with a smile and a willing attitude.  Oh yes.  I was feeling it, alright.  We locked eyes, and instantly I felt enchanted by her.  She said very little and directed us towards the spa.  That’s where this party was happening.  I was mesmerised.

There was a lot happening all around us and we got to meet many people from all over the world.  A lot of people mentioned our accents, and surprisingly, they had trouble understanding us, which we thought strange because they were the ones with the accents, not us.  Then, I met her.

To me she was beyond beautiful. How is that even possible?  Her green eyes captivated me.  She was an Hungarian.  Tall.  Blonde.  As the night progressed we got really cosy, and I can’t remember how or when, but at one stage we were in a room together and suddenly we’re arguing – I can’t remember over what, and next thing I hear myself barking instead of talking.  WTF?  I tried to talk and I still heard barking.  To my left, was a long mirror and I saw myself.  I saw me.  I wasn’t a man any more.  I was a dog.  That bitch was a witch that cast a spell on me, and I don’t know how long this spell will last, and I’m not happy about it!

I wonder where John is.


Darn it.

The only sound coming out of me is woof.  Grrr…


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