Make it count: An open letter to former Australian Prime-minister Ms Julia Gillard.

Wine, Wanderlust and words

Inspired by the Daily prompt: Make it count

Dear Ms Gillard,

When I first heard that you had been stood down as Australia’s prime minister, I was sitting on a 747 bound for Abu Dhabi, just about to depart Melbourne.

I can remember that instant very clearly, the subsequent feeling that at that moment I was all too glad to be departing the country I love so much… and that I surprised myself by letting out a gasp. Looking back, I don’t think that it was shock that made me gasp, although I was certainly shocked that Rudd was successful in challenging your leadership. Looking back, I believe that I gasped in sadness.

I wasn’t always fond of your policies, aJuliand very often completely disagreed with your position of many issues. I very openly favour the Greens over the Labor party, and honestly gave up following Australian politics some years…

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