It’s the thought that counts.

I simply amuse myself sometimes, because often times I’ll come here, read other entries and sometimes comment, and then I think that I should write something, make an effort, and then tell myself I’ll come back in a few minutes and write something, and then I don’t.  Where has my inspiration gone to these days?

Then today, I met up with some friends for lunch and traditionally, we always exchange Xmas gifts. This got me thinking about why we get caught up in the giving and receiving of gifts.  I personally think that this exchange is a funny thing, after all, if you want something badly enough, surely you’ll just go and buy it, right?  Apparently, this rule only applies at any other time except for Christmas, Easter and birthday times.

If it wasn’t so important to others…

I would can it for good.

But honestly, do you ever wonder why we allow ourselves to get caught up in this kind of hype? And once again I’m not inspired, and perhaps I should be.

I need to get back into the groove.  I need to force myself to get inspired.  But why?  What would it matter whether I do or whether I don’t?  Do you find yourself wondering about the same things and then coming to some kind of conclusion that it is what it is and you might as well roll with it?  Yep. That’s what I thought too.  I guess this only means that when the going get going, I should rev it up too. If I’m going to make even half of an effort, I might as well make it a good one.

Well, it’s the thought that counts.  Don’t you think?  Hee hee…


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