Breaking news. How much is enough?

Soon after I started work today I learned about the scourge that hit Lindt’s Cafe in Martin Place, Sydney this morning, in which a man held several people hostage.  The media frenzy around this news has been a constant, all day and all night.

I get it.  I get it.  News is news, and what is happening in Martin Place right now is horrific and beyond comprehension.  It should never have happened, and unfortunately it has.

But this entry is not about what is happening in Martin Place.  This is about a story (any story) that suddenly hits the news and every reporter has to report that same story, over and over, and over.  Is that really necessary?

News is about delivering to the people a nuance and an event that is happening right now in our world.  It is there for all to know and for all to devour, and rightly so.  Tell us the story as it happens and then let us know the outcome later.  Wait for the resolve and update us once it is all clear.  But stop running the breaking news for ever second of the day because it does nothing more than drown the senses, exhaust the mind, turn off the TV and the Radio, and potentially create a trauma for some that wasn’t there before.  I’m just saying.

That is all.


4 thoughts on “Breaking news. How much is enough?

  1. Just linked this in a post on my blog. I entirely agree with you – I’m being very careful in what I read & how much I take in, because I believe in respect over sensationalism. If only more news outlets did….


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