What I want for Christmas

Each year as Christmas approaches I start to feel restless and tired and I’m very much looking forward to the Christmas holidays.  I definitely need that break from a whole years work in order to recharge so that I can start all over again next year.  I know I’m not alone in this regard.

What does Christmas mean for you?  Are there things that you’re looking forward to, or is it a time to just reflect and remember your loved ones, and those that have passed away?

I just hope that there are no more catastrophic events in the world.  It is time to stop the madness and it is time to heal and to restore the balance.  The scales have tipped over to one side for far too long now.  We all need to work harder towards a greener planet and to achieve a wider and greater Peace on Earth; if not for ourselves, but for all our children’s sake.  They deserve it.  They deserve to breath the fresh air; drink the fresh water to quench their thirst, and to eat the fresh food to satisfy their hunger.  They deserve to have a safety net in which to live in and a place to call home. They deserve an education, and above all, they deserve good health.

Let’s aim to make it happen by helping each other to help them achieve these things!

We can do it.

We can be considerate of our environment.

We can be mindful of all creatures great and small.

We can be considerate of all peoples.

We can love, cherish and protect all that nature has given us.

This and more is what I hope and wish for Christmas.

This wish is for our children’s future and for ever child born on Earth.

After all, they have nowhere else to go.


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