4 Reasons You Should Never Leave Another Voicemail Again


Coca-Cola recently yanked the plug on its voicemail systems, replacing the usual inbox greeting with a pre-recorded message that advises the caller to find an “alternative method” of reaching out, Bloomberg reports.

There’s no shortage of voicemail alternatives, from emails to texts. Really, it’s a mystery that voicemail could coexist alongside so many superior technologies that let recipients more easily scan their messages for the pertinent details.

Then again, telegrams passed their sell—by date some some 150 years ago, but that didn’t stop one telegram service in India from surviving out of sheer force of habit until 2013. Voicemail could have a longer than expected shelf life as well unless users abandon the technology in droves.

Still, it’s probably time we all followed Coke’s example and ditched voicemails altogether. Here are four reasons why:

Fewer people are listening.

A survey by online phone company Vonage measured an 8% drop…

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