I’ve deactivated my FB account

I’ve deactivated my FB account because I’m over it.  For one, none of my FB friends ever communicate with me on there as they are too focused on posting selfies, religious and spiritual beliefs, and mantras.  These things don’t interest me because the way that I see it, it is too preachy, and who needs preachy?  Not me.

Then there’s that other thing where I’ve tended to post from offsite into my FB timeline of news articles and things of interest to me, but that too is a waste of time, because it is of no interest to anyone else.  Honestly, at what point did I assign myself the task to share news articles etc., to my FB friends?  They never asked for it!  Well, this habit stops right here and right now.  No more posting things to my FB timeline.  I’ve deactivated my FB account until further notice.

It’s liberating.  It really is.  To finally not to have to check and see who posted what and when, and whether or not anyone has anything to say about it, gives me back my time, my time to focus on other more productive things.  Ha.  I’ve wasted too much time on there.  Time to move on.

So I’m searching for something new.  What am I searching for?  What might I find that may encourage me, or inspire me somewhat, in some way? Hmm.  I’m not too sure.  One thing is certain, writing on here isn’t such a bad thing after all, not that it has been mind you. I’ve not written anything on here for quite sometime and it might be because I haven’t found my voice yet?  What is it that I want to say, to talk about, to share perhaps?  I might just ramble on of sorts for a while (please be patient with me while I’m finding my ground) until I can resolve writing something that is of interest to anyone that is passing by.


2 thoughts on “I’ve deactivated my FB account

  1. What a good idea to take a holiday from Facebook! It is a marketing (and self-marketing) machine and can take it’s toll mentally on all of us. I’m looking forward to reading all of your ‘ramblings’. Keep in touch. Daniela xxxx


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