What is it about boredom that makes me feel even more bored?

I find that when I’m bored I have no interest in absolutely anything, not even reading a book.  Oh, but it’s OK for me to read dribble online; and I don’t mean WP or Twitter.  We can almost excuse FactlessBook’s time wasting timeline, of course.  It’s all odd.  I know.  But what can I say? I’ve reactivated my FB account, only to discover that nothing has changed.  No.  I’m not shocked by this.  I’m not even surprised by this, but I’m simply even more bored by it.  Now that’s a shame, or is it?

The thing is, when I’m bored, I’m really bored, and it takes a bit of effort and some kind of inspirational motivation for me to snap out of it and get going again.

Today, I felt it was a very nonproductive day.  Oh really? I felt bored, therefore, I was unproductive.  I find it interesting that just because I get bored from time to time and do absolutely nothing, that I get a sense of guilt about it, when I shouldn’t, because it is OK to be bored and do nothing at all sometimes.

Well this was 2 minutes of your time you won’t get back.  Oops. Sorry.

Tomorrow is another day.


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