How we communicate today

I am very easily amused.  I wonder if this is a bad thing? Humans are funny creatures. Are we really, creatures?  I digress. We do the most random things at times, for example, leaving our iPhone’s, or android’s behind, resting someplace inside our homes, or even inside our cars, or anywhere else for that matter.  Thanks for the prompt Monica’s Tangled Web your entry resonated with me today.

It got me thinking about how easily and how very quickly we (humans) become reliant on the most arbitrary of things to the point that we actually feel lost without them. I wonder how much of our habituals are responsible for our feeling empty when we don’t have our precious things with us? At what point in time did we become so reliant on our iphones?  Why does it cause us stress not having the said item with us?  It’s a very strange thing, and no doubt there is some study somewhere that has all the answers relating to this very thing.  We (humans) are funny creatures.  Ooops.  I’ve said it again.

I wonder though if having these attachments is a means of replacing the ‘real’ contact we can have with people?  Oh my God.  Too many questions, I know.  I’m sorry, but I’m sure you’ve seen it yourself many times already, or perhaps you have been a part of a situation where you’re hanging out with friends, and everyone is seated at a table and instead of engaging each other, as people once used to do in yonder years, everyone is on their iphone, giving their utmost attention to the people that are not there with them, right now.  When I see this, I almost feel insulted and I wonder why I even bothered to make time to hang out with these people, then I realise that if their actions with their phones bothers me, then it is my issue and not theirs.  Can’t win, I tell you! What’s the bet that those people that are not with us right now, what’s the bet that if they were present and at the table, that they would also behave the same way.

Are people very determined to live in an alternate reality rather than the one they’re actually in?  Is reality not exciting enough for them?  Are they missing the physical cues of everyday communication to the point that they’re almost robotic? Maybe I’m imagining things, and maybe I’m not.  But, before all these modern gadgets were available to us, life happened and people looked at each other, they made eye contact, they read all the facial cues, the body language, they were very good at listening and talking. Now, it feels like talking happens more through text messaging, snapchat, facebook, twitter, whatsapp, viber, and the list goes on.  Communicating today means, having to check all the apps available to us in order to say, yes or no.

Go figure.


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