Life is always filled with surprises. Good and Bad.

Wow.  At some point I’ve missed the WP update, and as I’m navigating through it, I think I like it.  Not bad WP!

Damn it! I hate that I’m not overly disciplined enough to write anything, even if it is about nothing on here as I have intended on doing many, many times before.  I just tried to kick myself and I failed.  It’s virtually impossible to do.  Go on.  Try it. Just like you’d kick a football. See.  Not easy, is it?

OK. So what am I going to write about today?

I have a few things running my thoughts.

I know someone (my best friends SIL), she is dying from ovarian cancer.  She doesn’t have much longer to live.  It’s a cruel fate she’s been dealt with.  She leaves behind 2 children aged 19 and 12, and a husband, and her extended family and her many friends.  Included in this mix are her many acquaintances, like me, who came to appreciate her as a fun filled woman that was spontaneous and had a zest for living. It’s really very sad.  No words could ever be found to express how someone so young and so precious; especially to her children, is served with such a horrible end to her life. It’s very sad indeed.  My thoughts go numb when directed to her.  I am rendered totally speechless and totally incomprehensible.

I don’t know.  But.  Is it my imagination or something? Does it seem like there are too many people that are plagued with cancer? Or, is it just more spoken about today than ever before? It’s weird because I just have to have a conversation with someone and out comes a story about someone that person knows that is also facing death.  It’s a modern plague.  To be sure.

I guess we have to look closely at how our world has changed so much in the last half a century.  The way our food is grown and processed.  The way our air is polluted.  Our seas and waterways suffocated by all sorts of pollution, such as, plastics to chemicals to nuclear seepage and waste, and the list goes on.  Is it any wonder that the human body isn’t evolving fast enough to adapt to the environment that we’ve created on our Earth.  We only have one planet.  There is no where else to go.  There is no 2nd chance; has someone already said this? Anyway, you get the gist.  What a sad state of affairs our beautiful planet Earth is in.  No wonder she’s angry.  Climate change?  More natural disasters? Stronger cyclones? Stronger tornadoes? Higher sea tides? More flooding? More human displacements? More loss of flora and fauna? Need I say more? You got it. Tragic.

What else can I say?


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