The writing process & a personal style

Have you ever gone back and reread your material and thought, ‘did I write that?’ How does it make you feel?  Isn’t it weird? Often times after I’ve posted an entry, I never go back and reread it.  I figure, it’s best that I leave it alone, or I’ll edit it, over and over, and before I know it, I’ll end up with something totally different to what I had intended it to say.  Has this ever happened to you?

I went back and reread some of my entries on here, only because my stats say that they’ve had a few reads, and it got me curious about what it was that I actually wrote, and immediately after my reading the first sentence I wondered if it was me that had written this, because in my opinion, it read really well.  Did I really string those words together like that? Wow. Really?  Of course, I realise I’ve just impressed myself.  You? Maybe not so impressed?

I noticed that my writing appears to go through the same process.  I seem to start good (I think I do, anyway) and then I seem to lose momentum.  My writing seems to lose that oomph that it starts with.  I wonder why that is?  Maybe my thoughts wander into the oblivion of nothing and then they drift into a different realm, or maybe it’s natural to just  fizzle straight after?

What do you think? Your feedback on any of my entries is welcome.


Your feedback is greatly appreciated. Please leave a comment.

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