What inspires me?

I’ve started reading a book titled, ‘The social animal’ by David Brooks. It’s about a story on how success happens.

What I find interesting about my reading habits is that when I read a book I’m either totally emersed in the story, or I will read it fleetingly. There is no knowing for certain which way I will go with it. I’m a difficult person to inspire in this way, and I’m not too sure why that is. And this book is read fleetingly and it’s a good book! Go figure. 

I find that this is a common theme generally about other things in my life too. It’s like I get bored too easily and then I get over it and do nothing at all about it. One might easily think that that’s depression speaking, and that might be the case for some, but that’s not me.

Generally I’m happy and when I’m not so happy I’m ok with that too, as I know it’s just a passing phase and it will go away. 

So what gets me inspired? 

I’ve no freaking idea really. 

Hearing people talk about things they’re passionate about is a good start. Just don’t talk to me about your exercise regime, the number of steps you took today, or your outdated beliefs about what you learned ten years ago. These things bore me to death. It’s mind numbing and not mentally stimulating at all. If you know what I mean? 

Instead, I’d like to hear about anything that’s current, new, incidental, topical, and a whole lot more. 

At this point you may have figured out that I’m a listener more than a speaker. I tend to live inside my head (a bit like Nina from Offspring) as I listen to others speak and then formulate my own summary of them, and what they’ve just said, while I’m also gauging their intelligence, not that I’m Einstein by any means

Speaking too much about anything is not my thing, but I can speak too, of course, but I must feel inspired about it, least I waste everyone’s time. 

Ok. Best I continue with the book for now before I head off to bed. 


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