A Christmas toy story

I spent some time in the kitchen cooking eggplant parmigiana on the night before Christmas, while listening to some music and dancing along as I cooked and welcomed the cool air of the night. Christmas was here.

I baked some sweet potatoes and then put together a simple green salad. I set the table and dressed it with Christmas decorations. It looked lovely.

After my daughter arrived we exchanged gifts and then we sat down and shared a Christmas lunch. It was delicious. For a brief second and out of the blue, I got all emotional and teary for a moment as memories of my Mum came flooding in. It took me by surprise and without warning, and it wasn’t just that, it was also that I was feeling very joyous for being blessed with having my beautiful daughter share this special moment with me. She also shed a tear or two. I apologised to her while explaining how random it was that I was suddenly feeling overwhelmed and emotional, and it was so unexpected. Maybe my Mum was with us in Spirit after all.

Then suddenly a stranger (a neighbour) was at my front door, just standing there holding a toy remote apparatus between his two hands and asking me if I could please retrieve his toy from my back yard. He didn’t knock on my door as he should’ve because he could see us through the security screen door seated at our table eating lunch. At first I was annoyed. How dare he interrupt my beautiful moment with my daughter over a stupid 2 second toy. I asked him to wait a minute while I went and checked my back yard for his toy. It was not there. It was nowhere to be seen. He apologised for the intrusion and off he went. Shouldn’t he be eating his lunch with his family instead of playing with a new Christmas toy?

Come Boxing Day, late this afternoon, my dog starts to bark ferociously, and I go outside to investigate to see what it is she is barking about, and who’s head do I see bobbin around behind my fence? Yes you guessed it. The strange neighbour. He was still looking for his lost toy plane. I stood there for a second as I watched him standing behind my fence and messing around with his bush, ‘What are you doing there Sir? Still looking for your toy plane?’ I asked. ‘Yes. I saw it land on this bush,’ he said, ‘and I’m sure it fell down on your plant.’ I stepped up close to my plant and gave it a shake and spread it apart and checked it for the toy and there was no toy. ‘No toy,’ I said. ‘Maybe you should look on the ground where you are standing, it might be there somewhere right under your feet.’ ‘OK. Sorry,’ he said. And then he was gone. My dog was still restless and asked her to settle down and I had a giggle to myself, as this whole toy story was really getting out of control.

I went inside and I got a text message from my neighbour who lives immediately next door to me, he is visiting his MIL with his wife in the North Coast, and I told him the story about what had happened. Now we all know very well how text messaging can get funny sometimes, especially if it is taken out of context. While trying to convey my message to him, it read like this:

‘The neighbour was at it again. This time my dog was barking ferociously at the back fence. I went to investigate and there he was standing behind the fence and trying to shake the bush. I asked him if he found his toy plane and he said that he believes it is the bush it landed on, but could no see it. Again I checked my plants (just in case it fell on them as he shook his bush) haha almost sounds rude! And told him that there is NO sign of a plane in it and to check the grounds where he stood. Drama!’

He replied:

‘Sounds like you’re having a ball…literally.’

I laughed out so loud that tears streamed down my cheeks. All I could think of was the strange neighbour shaking his bush behind my fence looking for his toy. I swear you couldn’t make this stuff up even if you tried. Haha.

Say no more.

Will he ever find his toy plane, I wonder?


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